About the Brand

This is the start of an exciting new story about a professional climber, his love for climbing holds, and the immense support of his wife and the friends around him.

Gregor Vezonik, the founder of Vezi Holds, was born into a climbing family practically with a climbing hold in his hands. To say climbing is in his DNA is an understatement.

The idea of his own climbing hold brand had been in Gregor’s mind for a long time after working very closely with 360Holds and learning all about the industry from the company’s founder Simon, to whom he’s forever grateful for all the lessons.

In late 2018, after having quite some experience with shaping climbing holds, Gregor decided to rent out a dusty old garage and bring his shaping to the next level. The next three years were all about understanding the foam and the art of shaping. That garage is where the idea for the first range “The Limitless” was born.

The holds are all designed with years of climbing experience with the end-user in mind. This means they are created to suit the needs of modern routesetting and to guarantee a fun experience for the climber.

Some of the biggest companies in the world started in the garage just like Vezi Holds. We, however, do not aim to be the biggest, but we do hope we can bring fun climbing moves and comfortable grips to as many climbers as possible.

About the Production

All of our holds and volumes are produced at the highest level in the industry by 360 Holds and Aragon Elastomers.

Their products have been at the top of the game and we couldn’t be prouder to be working with them.